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We will be closed for training from 12 to 6pm on Wednesday 29th January. Please call 111 if you require any assistance whilst we are closed.
Consent and Identification

We operate a strict code of confidentiality in line with NHS and GDPR data regulations.  Access to patient information will only be given to a third party with the written consent of the patient concerned.  
Being a next of kin does not automatically grant you access to a patient’s information. Consent forms are available to download.

We will always ask for a patients ID when giving information.  The types of ID that are accepted by the NHS are below. 

The options for presentation of documents are as follows:

  • Two pieces of Level 3 evidence; or
  • One pieces of Level 3 evidence and once piece of Level 2 evidence

One piece of evidence must include a photograph.

Level 2 Identity Evidence Level 3 Identity Evidence
  • Firearm certificate
  • DBS Enhanced Disclosure Certificate
  • HMG issued convention travel document
  • HMG issued stateless person document
  • HMG issued certificate of travel
  • HMG issued certificate of identity
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • UK asylum seekers Application Registration Card (ARC)
  • Unsecured personal loan account (excluding pay day loans)
  • National 60+ bus pass
  • An education certificate gained from an educational institution regulated or administered by a Public Authority (e.g. GCSE, GCS, A level or O Level)
  • An education certificate gained from a well-recognised higher educational institution
  • Residential property rental or purchase agreement
  • Proof of age card issued under the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (without a unique reference number)
  • Police warrant card
  • Freedom pass
  • Marriage certificate
  • Fire brigade ID card
  • Non savings bank account
  • Mobile telephone contract account
  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Passports that comply with ICAO 9303 (Machine Readable Travel Documents)
  • EEA/EU Government issued identity cards that comply with Council Regulation (EC) No 2252/2004
  • Northern Ireland Voters Card
  • US Passport Card
  • Retail bank/credit union/building society current account
  • Student loan account
  • Bank credit account (credit card)
  • Non-bank credit account (including credit/store/charge cards)
  • Bank savings accounts
  • But to let mortgage account
  • Digital tachograph card
  • Armed Forces ID card
  • Proof of age card issued under the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (containing a unique reference number)
  • Secured load account (including hire purchase)
  • Mortgage account
  • EEA/EU full driving licences that comply with European Directive 2006/126/EC
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